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Microwave, Refrigerator, Washing Machine Repair Services and AC Spare Parts Shop In Dwarka, New Delhi

Microwave Repair Services

Microwave ovens are found in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. Making hot food quickly and easily accessible to you and your family, they are truly a miracle of modern technology. Extremely efficient in their use of electricity, microwave ovens use microwave radiation, which excites water, fat, and sugar molecules into atomic motion—also known as heat. When this process is hindered by broken or damaged parts, it's time for a microwave repair service from experts you can trust.

Types of Microwave Ovens We Repair: Countertop, Drawer style, Over-the-range, and Built-in, etc.

Refrigerator Repair Services

Looking for refrigerator repair service in Dwarka ? You can get your refrigerator repaired at your doorstep quite easily. No matter the type of refrigerator you have be it direct cool, cyclical or frost-free refrigerator, the professional technical experts at Service Clone offer all kinds of refrigerator repair in Dwarka. The professionals at AC On Rent In Dwarka provides you with the best repair, maintenance and all type refrigeration services for almost all Indian brands and many other imported brands as well. Just call, or visit our website to book the best refrigerator repair service in Dwarka. No Matter where you bought it ? AC On Rent In Dwarka provides you with the best service at lowest price with after service warranties!

Washing Machine Repair Services

As we understand the importance of washing machineand every home needs it daily. But what you will do if you come across a washing machine breakdown? The appliance that aids in cleaning of clothes regularly must also have sound functioning. But what happens if this faithfully functioning appliance stopped working or its performance degraded? Then you must call AC On Rent In Dwarka, in case of a washing machine breakdown, there will be a halt in the cycle of fresh clothes. So, it is the right time to call AC On Rent In Dwarka.

AC Spare Parts Shop In Dwarka

Air Conditioners, once a luxury product, gradually transformed into a necessity in Indian households. The primary cause can be attributed to the continuous increase in the temperatures around the globe. ACs are seldom used, particularly during summers and due to their rare usage, some parts are bound to malfunction. It is essential that we keep an eye on them and do the periodic maintenance for them to perform better. HVAC maintenance (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) at regular cycles boost their efficiency by 40%. Air Conditioners have two elements, an indoor unit and an Outdoor unit. It's necessary to maintain both of them. However, owing to some unforeseen circumstances, servicing is not possible and keeping this in mind.


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They were very thorough and did not mind answering my questions about the new units. I will recommend AC Rent On Dwarka to my friends. I enjoyed the crew and the teamwork they displayed was unmatched.
Sumit Srivastav

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This is the first time I have used AC On Rent In Dwarka, and I am truly happy that I called them. Their workers are very knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional. I look forward to using AC On Rent In Dwarka needs.
Neelam Ahuja
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We are providing AC Rental and Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance services since 2 decades. As time passes we are getting more advance as technology is changing everyday.